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Wherever you are in this world I want to tell you something…

You deserve to live a great life. A life filled with love, beauty, peace, and joy. A life with people who love you and celebrate exactly who you are. A life where you can be your best most sincere self and know you are safe, you are seen. You deserve to feel fulfilled and appreciated. You deserve to find love that makes you feel special. Makes you ache in all the right ways. Love that endures, forgives, accepts, and believes.

You deserve friends who are like your sisters and brothers. Your eclectic tribe of people whose stories help you write your own. People who teach you what it means to have a community you can lean on. A community that makes the darkness leave in the face of all the light they bring. You deserve to wake up and live as you are. To step outside and find joy in the fact that you are alive and you have the opportunity to do something with the time you’ve been given.

You deserve to see your dreams bloom into reality. To see the talents and gifts you possess harvest beautiful moments of success and triumph. You deserve to follow your heart. March to the beat inside your soul. You deserve to be happy and whole and awesome. You deserve so much more than you let yourself have.

You deserve a beautiful life. A life that in your last moments makes you smile in thanks, cry in joy, and die knowing you have come alive in the book of life you’ve been given.

You deserve this life, but you won’t have it if you do not believe and fight for it. You have to have faith and hope in yourself and in this life. And you have to go out into the world and make it happen.

Stop standing still. Choose your life.

You are treasured,


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I know better now, and so I am trying to do better. It is painful because the old ways are so comfortable but I know in my heart that pain is the only thing that will bloom if I go backwards and plant the same seeds I always did.

I want to feel the sun kiss my skin, and watch the light grow inside of me. So yes, I know better, and yes I will try to do better. I will trust that this uncomfortable feeling will fade into peace, and I will be one step closer to being free in me.

I am letting go of many things, thoughts, feelings, and people that have weighed me down until the water filled my lungs. I am learning how to breathe again without them, and it feels bittersweet but I know this is what is right for me.

I won’t explain or justify myself to anyone. I will live out my life with joy, with peace, with honesty, and I will not let anything unravel me again.

This is my story, and beautiful things will be written in each page. The light will soak into my words, and I will come alive in each chapter. No more holding back. No more pleasing you. No more making myself small to make you more. I am here, and I am going to take up space. I am going to live.

Dele Olanubi (via bealightinthedark)
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